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Welcome to "m-tec by Bejimac"

Since mid of July 2007, and in addition to the Henri Paulus and Carbomatic ranges,
Bejimac is also now the worldwide and exclusive supplier for all m-tec machines.
You need spare parts for m-tec, Menschner, Sistig, Hemmer or Kettling + Braun finishing machines, or you would like to buy a new m-tec finishing machine?
Contact Bejimac by return!

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Because the product programmes complement to one another, m-tec developed to one of the world-market leaders for dry and wet finishing machinery, not limited to pure wool fabrics. Furthermore, m-tec is one of the specialists for shearing and finishing of pile fabrics including carpets and a well known manufacturer of making-up machines for all kinds of textiles.

Looking back on a company history of more than 100 years, m-tec now incorporates the product programmes of the former companies MENSCHNER; KETTLING & BRAUN; SISTIG and HEMMER. As a traditional textile machinery manufacturer and based on their long field experience m-tec is in a position to realize innovative machinery concepts with highest quality demands. Service and consulting are a ruling maxim for m-tec.

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